Welcome to the inthemix wiki pages. Excuse the default mediawiki look, we'll be adding a proper 'ITM' skin in the future (well, as soon as we get a moment). Currently this area is mainly intended for 'behind the scenes' documentation for Moderators and Contributors. We'll be opening it up further once we've bedded things down.


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Community Guidelines

The definitive Code of Conduct. All ITM users agree to abide by and uphold the code. This ensures ITM is a great place to get together with like-minded dance music enthusiasts from around the country and around the world.

User Help

Frequently Asked Questions, User Help and Documentation, Common Issues, Solutions & Policies.

Contributor Help

Documentation and help for Contributors. You need to be logged into your ITM account and be a contributor to access this section.

Promoter Help

Documentation and help for Promoters. This section details the process for promoting your events on ITM.

Moderator Help

Documentation and help for Forum Moderators. You need to be logged into your ITM account and be a forum moderator to access this section.

Music Production and DJing

Under construction. Only users who have been given access can edit this area. If you'd like to help build the best Electronic Dance Music production and DJing resource, then please get in touch.

New to wiki editing?

Using and editing a wiki is a little different from the forum. Where the forum has bbcode for bolding and linking etc, the wiki has 'wiki markup'. If you've not used a wiki before or need to some help, hit up the official help pages